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ClikitySplit greatly enriches the end user experience with unique features such as absolutely no intrusive "push" advertising, sorting search results with just a tap, changing categories by just tapping, etc.  ClikitySplit is the only site that has found a way to monetize without plastering tacky advertisements all over the place.  Talk about a breath of fresh air...

ClikitySplit empowers marketisers, coined from marketers and advertisers, with every rich multimedia tool available + up to 10,000 characters of text.  As a result, the marketisers get their marketing message across unobtrusively by differentiating themselves from their competitors.  Marketing talent, imagination and creativity, not deep pockets, drives success in ClikitySplit. 

We do not collect any personal information about you and never will!  As a result, we can never target you, and wouldn't even if we could.  To put it simply, ClikitySplit is 180 degrees different than ever other site out there. 

But we do have to have a few rules.  So here they are:

  • no one besides our marketisers are permitted to use ClikitySplit, or any information within ClikitySplit, for any commercial purpose!
  • absolutely no profanity, sexual content of any kind, attacks against competitors, or other inappropriate content will be permitted in ClikitySplit!
    • ClikitySplit solely determines which content is inappropriate
  • ClikitySplit's intellectual property, proprietary search--err "find"--technology, graphical user interface, and all of its other features are owned exclusively by ClikitySplit and its founder
    • please respect our ownership and the rights that go along with that ownership
  • we welcome media inquiries
    • so give ClikitySplit a thorough test drive
    • view all the videos in the "Using/More" section on the mobile website
    • contact us at feedback@clikitysplit.com for any additional information desired


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