Privacy Policy


We despise all invasions on privacy as proven by the total absence of intrusive "push" advertising in ClikitySplit.  Accordingly, our Privacy Policy is simple:

  • we take your trust very seriously!
    • therefore, we will never do anything that would ever make you distrust us
  • we will never, ever intrude on your privacy!
  • we will never sell any information about you!
  • we will never target you!
    • we do not collect any personal information about you
      • so it is impossible for us to track you, which we wouldn't do anyway
    • we use cookies but they are not for tracking purposes so that we can shove intrusive advertising in your face
      • rather, the cookies are used to enrich your end user experience by caching certain web pages so that your end user experience is faster and more enjoyable
    • we use GPS to load the default map on your mobile device
      • but this is never used for tracking or targeting purposes
  • we do not data mine, and we never will!
    • data mining is used to collect information about you so targeted advertisements can be shoved onto your screen, invading your privacy
    • since you are in total control of your online experience in ClikitySplit--whether or not you pull down information about a point of interest and how long that information is displayed on your screen--data mining is useless to us
      • and dangerous to you in our opinion
    as we continue to build ClikitySplit, we'll be adding additional features that will further enrich your end user experience
    • some of those features will require your permission, such as sending SMS and MMS alerts whenever your favorite marketisers change their dynamic billboard
    • another is rewarding you for loyalty to ClikitySplit which we will be implementing as soon as we gain your trust
    • all such features will be added on an opt-in basis
  • we have a lot more awesome features up our sleeve, features that will make your user experience, especially on mobile devices,  even more enjoyable
    • but like we said earlier, we first want to gain your trust
    • once we fully gain your trust, you'll see even more revolutionary features added to ClikitySplit
  • it is our sincere, driven desire to build ClikitySplit into the very best website on the internet "...where anybody can find whatever they want in a matter of seconds by just tapping..."
    • we need your help doing that
      • accordingly, you are not just an end user, you are our partner
      • we want you to share information about what we are doing wrong
      • and what we are doing right
      • and how we can do things better
      • and what else you want to see in ClikitySplit
      • so email us at or comment on our blog or on social media
  • points opoints of interest come and go all the time
    • so if you see one that is missing in our database, please let us know and we will add it
      • just tap "Add Point of Interest" in the "More Info" section of "Using/More" on your mobile device
    • should you find a point of interest that is no longer in business, please let us know and we will delete itul
    • just tap or clik the ClikitySplit logo on the generic (green dot) dynamic billboard and we'll take it from there
  • and be sure that your favorite points of interest market online via ClikitySplit
    • so be sure to tell them about ClikitySplit
    • or let us know and we'll contact them
  • Whatever you share with us, we'll always keep it strictly confidential.

    You have our word on it!


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