Welcome to an Advertising-Free Mobile Experience
End users/consumers are sick and tired of advertisements pushed onto their smartphone, invading their privacy! And sick and tired of being tracked everywhere so even more advertisements can be pushed onto them.
Welcome to SmallBusinessNetwork.tv where all advertising is prohibited, where there is absolutely no tracking, and where end users/consumers are in total control of their mobile experience, solely determining what displays on their smartphone and how long it is displayed.
ClikitySplit.com is the world’s first & only real time, dynamic marketing engine as well as the world’s fastest vertical search, er “find” engine via 99.9% tapping, not typing. No need to start a brand new search to change categories or subcategories, just tap.
Talk about a breath of fresh air!
To see the greatly enriched user experience, please view the video “Just Tap for That!”
Magic Bullet for Local Businesses’ Marketing Arsenal!
Local small businesses have been left out of the mobile marketing revolution due to the complexity of tools available to them.
These backbone of the economy businesses require easy-to-implement, simple-to-use, quick-to-update mobile marketing tools that enable them to completely separate themselves from their competitors.
Introducing ClikitySplit whose patented, real time, dynamic marketing technology not only levels the playing field but also endows local businesses with a significant marketing advantage over their deep-pocketed competitors, empowering them to immediately respond to deteriorating traffic conditions by running enticing “Hot Deals” and “Flash Sales” either instantly or automatically to drive traffic and revenue.
Teaching Local Businesses How to
“Out-fox & Out-Market” Competitors
Differentiation is the key to business success! And that is exactly what ClikitySplit empowers its clients to achieve via its revolutionary mobile marketing tools.
The teaching begins with building the businesses’ rich, multimedia, mobile website with them using ClikitySplit’s step-by-step wizard.
The next phase is teaching the business how to build and increase their customer base. Intelligently “mining” its customer base is the businesses’ lowest hanging fruit.
Next, ClikitySplit teaches the business how to effectively segment the customer base and how to use geo-fencing and geo-targeting. This ensures that notifications are sent to their opted-in customers appropriately and tastefully without pestering them.
Once the businesses’ rich, multimedia, mobile website is built, the business is poised to easily and quickly differentiate their business via ClikitySplit’s patented, real time, dynamic marketing technology.
The “Flash Sales” can be set up to run automatically during the businesses’ typical slow times or run from scratch in just two minutes while the “Hot Deals” can be set up seven days in advance, rolling over automatically at midnight.
To see how ClikitySplit turns ordinary advertisers into savvy marketers, please view the videos “Introducing ClikitySplit” and “Push Notifications to Smartphones, Facebook and X”.
True “Narrowcast Analytics”
ClikitySplit does not over-promise and under-deliver!
ClikitySplit captures every interaction with the businesses’ rich, multimedia mobile website and emails the true “narrowcast analytics”, one of our founder’s patented claims, to management at midnight, advising them to which of their marketing endeavors returned a positive ROI and which ones were a waste of time and money.
That is RI—Real Intelligence in action!
Educational Zoom Meetings
SmallBusinessNetwork.tv teaches local businesses how to implement ClikitySplit’s revolutionary mobile marketing technology via educational Zoom meetings. To sign up for these enlightening sessions please view TeachingSMBsHowToFish.com/#Zoom.
Building Our Database from Scratch
SmallBusinessNetwork.tv is building its database from scratch in order to eliminate spam and to ensure that end users/consumers only see legitimate businesses competing for their patronage. Accordingly, we welcome your assistance populating our database with points of interest.
If you are an end user/consumer we encourage you to add you favorite restaurant, retail establishment, watering hole, etc. and tell them about ClikitySplit’s revolutionary marketing technology.
If you are a local business, start by listing your business (name, address, phone number) and receive a “green dot” highlighting your business.
In either case, adding the point of interest is a snap! Just fill out the form below.
10-Day Free Trial
To turn their generic green dot listing into a mobile marketing powerhouse, we welcome all businesses to join SmallBusinessNetwork.tv’s mobile marketing revolution.
SmallBusinessNetwork.tv offers visionary businesses a 10-day free trial of ClikitySplit’s patented, real time, dynamic marketing technology, teaches them how to intelligently “out-fox & out-market” their competitors, and proves that its differentiating mobile marketing technology works by capturing true “narrowcast analytics”.
After the expiration of the free trial, SmallBusinessNetwork.tv’s monthly fee for these unique mobile marketing tools is $499. Just $16.10 per day!
Getting Started
Our Founder builds the rich, multimedia mobile site with local businesses during the three times weekly Zoom meetings. To get things rolling, complete the form below.

Once submitted, you will receive an email with the information to compile in preparation for the Zoom meeting.
After expiration of the 10-day free trial, subscribers will receive a step-by-step video demonstrating entering the information into ClikitySplit’s wizard and how to quickly change the content of their rich, multimedia mobile website to run “Flash Sales”, “Hot Deals”, “Coupons”, etc.
Educational Zoom Meetings
ClikitySplit holds Zoom meetings weekly as follows:
Among the topics covered:
  • Demonstration of ClikitySplit - The Future of Mobile Marketing
  • Intelligently “mining” your customer base
  • Running enticing “Flash Sales” & “Hot Deals” instantly or automatically
  • Effectively & Inexpensively Marketing your business offline
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays:
1:00pm Central time
During the Zoom meeting, our Founder builds your rich, multimedia, mobile website with you.
Reward: 10-day free trial of ClikitySplit’s patented, real time, dynamic marketing tools!
Register For Zoom Meeting
Rich, Multimedia Mobile Website
To see an example of the rich, multimedia mobile website with all five “marketing accordions” that our Founder builds with the businesses, please view https://ClikitySplit.com/mobile/merebulles
For Additional Information
For comprehensive information about this unique, mobile marketing opportunity, please view TeachingSMBsHowToFish.com.
The Future of Mobile is Now!
SmallBusinessNetwork.tv is built for end users/consumers who yearn for a much richer end user experience with no intrusive advertising and business owners of every size who want to intelligently “out-fox & out-market” their deep-pocketed competitors with differentiating, cutting-edge, real time, dynamic, mobile marketing technology.
Welcome to the future of mobile where you will never see an advertisement pushed onto your smartphone. Never! Ever! Where you are in total control of your mobile experience, solely determining what displays on your smartphone and how long it is displayed.
Where local businesses in the same category (e.g. Restaurants) and subcategory (e.g. Steak) compete for your patronage by running tempting sales promotions often and intelligently.
Do I hear a Hallelujah?
Contact Information
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I am eager to teach you real time dynamic marketing and show you how to "out-fox & out-market" your competitors.
Jim Clouse
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